The Skinny on Travel Insurance

Are you planning a vacation this year?
Organizing a trip is one of those exciting-but-exhausting experiences. The prospect of all that fun can be tinged with all the hassle of planning and last minute hitches.
If you’re traveling abroad you have to make sure you’ve got your passport, visas, currency, tickets, inoculations — and don’t forget the phrase book!


Even vacationing in the US involves a bewildering array of activities like finding accommodation, mapping routes and places of interest and doing all that packing — and don’t forget your reading glasses and medications
Amid the flurry, it’s easy to overlook a key component of your safety — travel insurance.
We get a lot of questions about that at this time of year, mainly: What does travel insurance cover and do I need it?
There are four main types of insurance and what they cover largely dictates whether you need it:

  • Cancellation coverage, which can protect you both if you have to cancel your trip or if the provider goes bust. It may also reimburse you if you have to cancel the vacation part way through. You may also be covered for these risks through a credit card you used to make a booking.
  • Baggage and personal effects. But you may also be covered for this by the travel provider or through your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Emergency medical assistance, including the cost of getting you back home. Some or all elements of this coverage may be included in your medical/health insurance.
  • Accidental death insurance. If you have good life insurance, you may not need this.

We find the most common type of event and claim is cancellation usually because of a family sickness.
As you can imagine though, everyone’s circumstances are different and their need for travel insurance may depend on what coverage they already have through other policies.
That’s why we always recommend you call us before traveling, so we can review your existing coverage against your needs. We certainly don’t advise traveling without checking so please make that call.

June 2nd, 2015 by Goodwill Financial