Encourage your employees to take vacations

Summer and travel go hand in hand but a recent survey shows that 1/3 of American workers do not use their annual vacations. Studies have shown that employees who do not take routine vacations are more prone to burn out, mistakes, low morale, and can act irritable towards co-workers. Health is also a major benefit. Even short breaks have been shown to lower stress, with... Read Article

Planning a peaceful vacation

It doesn’t matter how much You love Your job and enjoy serving clients, like most folk you really look forward to the chance to get away – on an annual vacation or even just a couple days’ break. We’ve encountered problems that threatened to take the shine off your trip. In the end, we put together one of our famous (or should that be “infamous”?)... Read Article

The Skinny on Travel Insurance

Are you planning a vacation this year? Organizing a trip is one of those exciting-but-exhausting experiences. The prospect of all that fun can be tinged with all the hassle of planning and last minute hitches. If you’re traveling abroad you have to make sure you’ve got your passport, visas, currency, tickets, inoculations — and don’t forget the phrase book! Even vacationing in the US involves... Read Article