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“All that stress just evaporated instantly.”
When Amanda Thomas was diagnosed with thoracic cancer shortly after delivering their fourth child, her family’s world was turned upside down. She would spend a year out of work while undergoing grueling chemo treatments. Her job dropped her from their health insurance. Her paychecks stopped coming in. Meanwhile, the medical expenses were piling up. Thankfully, Amanda and her husband Eugene had prepared for this very situation back when she was healthy by putting a Living Benefits life insurance plan in place for their family. Utilizing her policy’s built-in Critical Illness rider, Amanda was able to accelerate $405,000 of her life insurance policy’s death benefit to get a tax-free check for $343,000 in her hands.
“It was one thing off our plate.”
Keith Rowe was in the best shape of his life. As a soldier on active duty, he was fit and healthy. He has no idea that he would soon be in the fight of his life. After experiencing symptoms while away at a military training school, Keith was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Over the next several years he would battle through the initial diagnosis, remission, and then a recurrence eight months later which required three rounds of grueling chemotherapy. Keith was able to use the Living Benefits on a permanent life insurance policy he had set up as a tax-free retirement vehicle years earlier to get $60,000 in his hands when he needed it most. He says putting that policy in place was one of the best decisions he ever made.
“It lifted a burden.”
Elizabeth Martinez Genova was busy living her life to the fullest. She had served in the military, graduated law school, raised a wonderful son, and spent her spare time traveling the world and exploring different countries and cultures. When her friend approached her about Living Benefits life insurance, she was hesitant at first. But after learning about how Living Benefits could allow her to access her death benefit while she was still living if she ever got sick, Elizabeth saw the value in it and put a policy in place for herself. That decision would prove to be one of the most important and impactful choices she ever made.
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Imagine for a moment that you are lying in a hospital bed, still reeling from the shock of suffering an out-of-the-blue heart attack the previous night…
Your mind is racing.
How long will you be unable to work?
How much are you going to have to pay for the hospital stay?
What about subsequent medical expenses?
Will you lose the house?
Will the kids still be able to go to college?

At a time when you need to be focusing on your own recovery,
you are instead worrying about money.

Now imagine that at that moment, your life insurance agent walks into your hospital room and delivers a check made out to you for several hundred thousand dollars – money that was accelerated from your life insurance policy’s death benefit by taking advantage of its revolutionary built-in Living Benefits features. All of a sudden, the burden is lifted. You’re no longer worried about rushing back to work before your body is ready to do so. You can afford to explore whatever treatment options your doctor recommends, without worrying about whether they’ll be covered by your health insurance. Your family’s financial future is no longer hanging in the balance just because you got sick. All financial stress is removed from the equation, and you can turn your focus to getting better and back on your feet.

Anyone who has experienced this peace of mind
because of Living Benefits will tell you its life-changing.

Thousands of people are discovering the power of Living Benefits at NO extra cost to what they’re already paying for their old-fashioned, death-benefit only life insurance.
Surviving a major illness will lead to increased expenses and decreased income. Once your expenses begin to outpace your income, you begin accumulating debt. This leads to medical bankruptcy
Living Benefits plans offer you benefits when you need them most – helping to fill the gaps a health insurance policy doesn’t cover.
It’s not more expensive coverage. It’s just more expansive coverage.
For the same cost per month:

Traditional life insurance:

Living Benefits plans offer you benefits when you need them most – helping to fill the gaps a health insurance policy doesn’t cover.

Living Benefits life insurance:

Pays out a death benefit to the family if the insured passes away
Pays out if the insured gets cancer
Pays out if the insured has a heart attack
Pays out if the insured suffers a stroke
Pays out if the insured develops ALS
Pays out if the insured needs a major organ transplant
Pays out if the insured becomes blind or paralyzed
Pays out if the insured becomes chronically ill
Pays out if the insured becomes terminally ill
Pays out in many additional unexpected health crises
Again, costs the same as traditional life insurance!
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