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The Play “Svajute and Girutis”


We had a pleasure to welcome a tour of the professional theatre team “Keliones Teatras” from Vilnius, Lithuania on January 21-29, 2019.  There were no doubts for us to become general sponsors of this tour and make this beautiful gesture come true. “Keliones Teatras” came here for Lithuanian community and their children and have shown 9 plays for kids in Chicago and its suburbs.


Svajutė –  Donata Kielaitė –  Valančauskienė

Girutis – Jurgis Valančauskas, 

Mama Apolonija – Diana Anevičiūtė 

More About “Keliones Teatras”

  • Diana Anevičiūtė – Valiušaitienė (the role of mother’s Apolonia), an actress of Lithuanian National Drama Theater, has created over 40 roles. It is a universal actress who creates both character roles and dramatic roles in performances such as Masalsky’s Humble, Our Town.
  • Actress Donata Kielaitė (role of Svajutė) is an eternal student of Professor Alge Savickaitė, who performed at the Lithuanian National Drama Theater, and Drama Theater os Siauliai (Lithuania).
  • Actor Jurgis Valančauskas (the role of Girutis) has a special ability to establish warm and immediate contact with children.

More about the Theater and actors: