Insurance Veterinarians Need to Protect Their Practice

And that is probably just the beginning, because veterinarians face some pretty unique risks. Below are some common industry-specific risks that can help you think about insurance you may need. Not every insurer or policy offers coverage for each one, so it’s important to have at least an idea of what you need when you’re shopping for coverage.


The first two columns will give you an idea of insurance veterinarians’ need – while final column shares which protections insurance offers for your risks.


Other lines of coverage veterinarians should consider adding are:

  • protection for check, credit, debit or charge card forgery or alteration;
  • employee dishonesty and theft;
  • sewer and drain backup;
  • commercial auto;
  • data breach;
  • business life.

As you can see, having the right insurance is important – and complex. To get some peace of mind about your coverage, it’s important to speak with an insurance professional like Goodwill Financial. An agent can tell you more about it and give you a free quote.


December 14th, 2015 by Goodwill Financial