Encourage your employees to take vacations

Summer and travel go hand in hand but a recent survey shows that 1/3 of American workers do not use their annual vacations.
Studies have shown that employees who do not take routine vacations are more prone to burn out, mistakes, low morale, and can act irritable towards co-workers.
VacationHealth is also a major benefit. Even short breaks have been shown to lower stress, with all of its negative implications, by interrupting the employee’s normal routine of living.
So how can you encourage your employees to take their allotment of vacation?
Here are some handy ways to make sure that your employees take a break and come back more productive:

  • Make vacation use it or lose it. Don’t let vacation days accumulate into the next year. Avoid the impulse to allow unused vacation days to roll over to successive years.
  • Pay perks to employees who use all their vacation time. Many companies give up to 5% bonuses for employees who take all of their designated vacation time…
  • Have a billboard where employees can showcase vacation photos. Often just the visual cue that a co-worker went to Hawaii will be enough to make employees consider their own vacation.
  • Sign up your company for group travel benefits. There are many online travel clubs that offer discounts once your company signs up with them such as AAA.
  • If you have weekly meetings, allot minute or two at the beginning for employees to discuss recent travel or family time. It will warm up the crowd and serve as an icebreaker while also reenforcing the concept of vacation for employees.

All of us here at  Goodwill Financial wish you a relaxing and productive summer! And of course don’t forget to get your travel insurance.

August 4th, 2015 by Goodwill Financial