When you think of ‘data protection’ you think of protecting your personal details online. You also need to protect your details in paper form too, as these can easily get lost or stolen.

Keeping Personal Details Safe

1. Shred Letters

Anything which is sent to you which has personal information about you (your address, your date of birth) should be shredded. Fraudsters are known to go through your bins in order to get this information.

2. Cut Up Old Credit Cards

Any credit cards you’re not using, cut them up to prevent other people trying to use them. You should also use different pin numbers for different cards.

3. Lock Up Passports

Important documents such as passports, birth certificates, National Insurance cards all need to be filed somewhere safe to prevent them from being found easily.

Protect data online

1. Protect Passwords

Lock your phone with a strong password and fingerprint or Touch ID. Use a mobile password manager like 1Password or LastPass to keep your passwords strong and unique across all of your devices and accounts.

2. Turn off Lock Screen Notifications

From texts to social media notifications, there’s a lot of personal information that can pop up on your phone’s lock screen for the world to see. Disabling lock-screen app notifications is a simple step for hiding personal details from prying eyes

3. Hide your photos

Store photos that are for your eyes only behind a passcode and keep personal pictures private. You can also set up special albums to share with others.

4. There are much more tips you can use in order to protect your data online, the most important is to be attentive, and make an extreme attention to all the ways to protect any of your personal data and passwords secure.

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