On the 20th of September we had an exclusive event educating how to create a tax free income by leveraging banks money. Yes, that is possible and our guest speakers shared with all of us HOW.

Huge thanks to our amazing guest speakers, professionals Vadim Garbar and Dave Greene for sharing Your interesting presentations, all the useful tips, knowledge and experience.

Each of us cares about the future and we are happy to have an opportunity to host educating events for our customers. We all want to live carelessly and happily on a pension without worrying about money. Our president Vytas Skapcevicius always says, “Protect today, prepare for tomorrow”.

GoodwillFinancial strongly believes that the best way to solve all the problems is to prevent them. We are extremely grateful to all of those who attended, huge THANK YOU for your engagement and support.

If You are also interested about creating a tax free income by leveraging banks money just give us a call and lets discuss Your possibilities: +16307852412




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